DDFNetwork – Carol and Vanessa

DDFNetwork is back with another hardcore gallery. Today we have these gorgeous babes, that just can’t wait to start torturing each other. They were left all alone the other day, so they thought to spend some time together. After going to shopping they were so exhausted so they decided to rent a movie. But someone wanted to make a bad joke and replaced the actual movie with a hardcore porn movie.

At first they didn’t know how to react, but afterwards they were so amused of what they saw that they decided to continued viewing it. The gals were surprised of what they’ve seen and thought to try it out. So they started searching the house for a rope and for as many toys they could find. Then they tied each other and started the torturing, spanking each other’s tied boobs, dildo-fucking each other senseless. Then it was the blonde’s turn to get punished for being such a bad bad gal. Of course she received the same treatment and a little more, because our redhead wanted to revenge for what she received. So check out the entire gallery to see how this hot scene ended. Enjoy this DDF Network update and see you next time! Also you might watch some pornfidelity vids and see other hot gals getting wet and wild!


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